What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic Acid Sources

Chlorogenic Acid is a naturally occurring compound that is a very important antioxidant for our bodies. Chlorogenic Acid will help to slow the release of sugars (glucose) into the blood stream after you eat. This is very important in helping people lose weight.

Typically when you eat a meal all the glucose that is found in the meal goes into your blood stream and get carried to different organs. Once your body gets all the necessary blood sugars, it will store the rest as fat cells to be burned off later. The problem arises when most people eat a high sugar diet, which means you never trul burn off these fat cells that are being stored for “later.”

Due to lack of exercise and proper dieting habits, people strongly need a supplement that contains Chlorogenic Acid. Green Coffee Bean Extract is the perfect solution because you can lose weight without having to do any extract changes in your daily habits.

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Where Does Chlorogenic Acid Come From?

Chlorogenic Acid Coffee crops are one of the most important cash crops grown all over the world. This is because when processed coffee beans are used to make drinking coffee. However unroasted coffee (green coffee beans) are equally important as the brown ones. Green coffee beans are coffee seeds that are fresh and have not yet matured for harvesting. Research shows that green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid. Some people may wonder what is chlorogenic acid? What is its significance? Chlorogenic acid is an acidic compound found in green coffee beans that when combined with caffeine helps in weight loss. In the past, many people have been having trouble when it comes to weight lose. Many different methods have been used but still the result was poor. According to a scientific study done to test the effectiveness of green coffee beans, you can reach a 16% weight loss within a period of five months. This is the easiest and most effective way to lose weight, since there are no strenuous exercises involved.

How Chlorogenic Acid Reduces Weight

Chlorogenic acid is an acidic substance found in green substances but is highly concentrated in green coffee beans. When taken, Chlorogenic acid prevents the release of glucose to the blood stream. As a response, the body burns the fats to release energy! Hence, causing weight loss! Also chlorogenic acid when taken increases body heat. As a result thermogenesis occurs which results in weight loss. Another function of chlorogenic acid is that it inhibits the rate at which new fat cells grow, resulting in the prevention gaining weight. The most amazing thing about chlorogenic acid is that it is not absorbed by the small intestine or detected by plasma. This makes chlorogenic acid very effective in its operation. Green coffee beans provide another range of health benefits. Some of these benefits include:
  • Reducing Blood Pressure
  • Helps To Improve Blood Vessel Circulation
  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Reducing Blood Pressure

Green coffee beans extract contain chlorogenic acid which when taken into the blood helps to reduce high blood pressure. According to a study done by a scientist in japan, Chlorogenic acid contains substances that help to regulate a person blood pressure to a reasonable percentage.

Helps To Improve Blood Vessel Circulation

Green coffee bean extract is very vital in promoting human verso reactivity. Chlorogenic acid found in mature coffee beans neutralizes free radicals and then works to regenerate vitamin E. As a result, it decreases plasma rate therefore boosting blood circulation.

Health Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorogenic acid, which is highly concentrated in green coffee beans is vital in supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Proper sugar level can help to prevent diabetes. Over the past years, many people have suffered from diabetes which can be a deadly disease. However people using green coffee bean extract products are less likely to get type 2 diabetes. This is because it helps to release glucose stored in the blood stream, into various organs in the body. Thus, reducing the amount of sugars stored and preventing type 2 diabetes.

Is Chlorogenic Acid Supplements Safe?

The above information not only help us to understand what is chlorogenic acid? But also helps to understand the importance of green coffee beans in your daily diet. According to my view green coffee beans should be referred to as the world Green gold.

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